Keep Yourself and Loved Ones Safe with “Citizen”


Unfortunately, there are concerns about deterioration of public safety in New York. Various incidents occur in various places, and you may want to know safety information of your neighborhood and safety information of areas where you go in real time.

“Citizen” would be your solution!


Citizen is an app that allows you to be notified and check all safety information in your area and area where you are currently staying in real time, including theft, kidnapping, protests, and fires.

Citizen: Keeping you safe & informed
Citizen helps you stay safe & informed, by providing instant notifications and live broadcasts of reported crimes and incidents near you.

You can see live videos uploaded by other users in real time about where an incident such as a fire is occurring, so you can know the scene of the incident like a TV news.

You can also share your location with your family and friends on the app to know your family and friends’ local safety information.

After installing Citizen, I noticed there are a lot of incidents occurring in New York City dayly.

Citizen was launched as an app to inform New York City safety information, but now it is widely available in major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, and it is planning to expand the area more and more in the future.

Let’s try to avoid being involved in an incident by quickly checking your neighborhood and destination area safety information with Citizen!