The Best AI Personal Trainer: Fitbod


It is good news for those who want to shape up by summer and aim for a beautiful body and those who want to improve and enlarge their muscles!

What I recommend to you is “Fitbod” which is the AI personal trainer app. I’ve tried a few training apps so far, but none of them really satisfied me. Like a personal trainer, Fitbod offers variety of exercises and work out and suggests your best work out plan.

AI Personal Trainer

While many fitness and training apps offer a fixed workout plan, Fitbod’s AI personal trainer automatically plans a menu tailored to each user every time.

The plan is tailored to where each user responded; for example, equipment you or your gym have, your condition, and time you want to spend. In addition, Fitbod offers numerous training and it is pretty hard to find training which is not covered by this AI personal trainer. Of course, if you have any specific favorite training, you can add it to the plan or replace it with other training.

Moreover, each training comes with a training video, so you can understand how you should work out. It is great feature for beginners and advanced trainers who want to reconfirm the training movement.

It also records your training results every time, and it automatically suggests more challenging workouts for your next training, so you can enjoy your daily growth.

Plan by Your Location and Equipment

Have you ever experienced that it suddenly starts raining outside right after you go out to the gym? Even on such days, Fitbod can adjust your training plan to what you can do at home.

Also, if you specify the training equipment available at your gym or home, Fitbod will plan your trainings according to your answer.

You can Check the Training Results and Physical Condition at Anytime

It’s hard to remember what kind of training you’ve done; for example, weight you’ve done and reps and sets you’ve done.

Fitbod automatically records your training results. In addition, you can get a little congratulatory message when you overcome your personal best. It is very motivating, isn’t it?

In addition, you can visually check the recovery status of your each muscle, and the AI automatically reflects it in the next training plan, preventing overworking.


Fitbod is definitely one of the best fitness app. If you want to train but are worried about doing so by yourself, but you can’t afford to hire a personal trainer, why don’t you try Fitbod once!


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