VPN Gate: Free VPN Service Provided by University of Tsukuba


Don’t you miss the service limitedly provided in your home country when you live abroad?

I often watch movies on a Japanese website, but there are too many movies that cannot be watched if they are accessed from outside Japan. If you have lived or traveled to other countries, you might have experienced that some services provided within your home country are unavailable from overseas.

In this case, VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a solution for you!

Simply put, it is a service that allows you to pretend that you are accessing your favorite home website from your home country by going through a server in a different country from a VPN.

There are many companies that offer VPNs, but University of Tsukuba offers free VPN service, called the VPN Gate.

If you hear a VPN, you will be worried about your personal information by going through a suspicious company, but it is a service offered by the University of Tsukuba which is one of the well known Japanese national educational institution, so you will feel a little relieved.

Pros of VPN Gate

  • Trust provided by public institutions
  • You can use it immediately without user registration
  • Available for free
  • Abundance of servers, including countries outside Japan
  • No capacity limit

Cons of VPN Gate

  • Slow and unstable connection
  • Setting up is troublesome when you use it on the Web

Although VPN Gate is available on the web, but it is recommended that you install and use VPN Gate software on your PC because it is troublesome to set up each time.

University of Tsukuba VPN Gate

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