The Best Information Gathering App: Inoreader


How do you gather information about news and things you like?

We can obtain various information from tv, newspapers, books, etc., but nowadays, it is more common to collect information on the Internet, isn’t it? The gadget I would like to recommended is an information collection application called Inoreader. This app uses the RSS reader feature to centrally manage and list news and articles from the sites and favorite YouTube channels in order to gather information. Our life has become easier since the Internet was introduced; however, if you have too many sources of information, you may be flooded the information you want. If you try to examine an article or news retroactively, it will consume a lot of time and it will not be efficient.

RSS readers are recommended for those who want to manage and obtain the necessary information at once without wasting time. With this, you can get the information you want right away in just one service, so it’s hassle-free.

Inoreader is compatible with browser version and app version (iOS / Android), and you can use the service basically free of charge on PC and smartphone. Feedly is also one of the famous RSS readers, but since the functions that can be used for free have been narrowed down, I have mainly used Inoreader now.

In addition, I use the free version, but if you use the paid version, you will be able to manage information from SSN such as Twitter.

What is an RSS reader?

RSS Reader is a service that automatically acquires new and updated information for registered sites and your favorite YouTube channels.

With this service, you don’t have to go directly to the site or YouTube channel in order to find out and check for updates, but you’ll be notified to the RSS reader, so you don’t miss what you want.

It reads what is called an RSS feed that is sent when the registered site is updated, and displays the title, summary, etc. from there.