The Best Personal Finance Supporter: Mint


Do you keep track of your household accounts? I used to try to record, track, and manage my daily expenses in manual, but it was very time consuming and frustrating task.

After I gave up to track of my household accounts manually, I found the best personal finance supporter called “Mint”, which is provided by Intuit.

Have you heard Intuit? Even if the name of the company does not come to a pin, if you have lived in the United States long enough, I think you have heard of TurboTax, an individual tax return preparation and filing service.

Intuit is a company that offers TurboTax, and if you’re working in a accounting department, you may know QuickBooks provided by the company.

It is very easy to use Mint. All you need to do is just to link your financial account, credit card, etc. on Mint.

Why Is Mint Better?

Automatic Information Collection

After you link your accounts and credit card to Mint, each transaction when you use your account or credit card is automatically recorded to Mint. Yes, you do not have to waste your time to enter your transaction manually every time anymore!

Automatic Categorization by Expenditure

I mainly shop with a credit card, and Mint automatically determines and categorize what kind of payment is made according to the retailer I pay to. For example, if you use a credit card at McDonald’s, Mint will automatically categorize the expenditure into food expenses.

Budget Control

You can determine your monthly budget by each category and compare it to your current spending status. If there is a category getting to be over budget in the middle of the month, it will automatically notify you.

Review of Household Finances

It is easy to review the expenditure status, income and expenditure breakdown, asset and liability status, etc. for a specified period such as monthly. In addition, it is useful because the asset status can be viewed on the top screen anytime you want.

Credit Score

Stop paying a fee to credit score review company anymore! Yes, you can check your credit score on Mint at any time for free.

In addition to ordinary bank accounts, you can also link investment accounts which means you can comprehensively manage your household budget, so if you haven’t tried Mint yet, why not take this opportunity to use it?

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