Better Than HIIT: Tabata Protocol


Are you suffering from weight gain or decreased endurance and physical ability due to COVID-19 pandemic? Last year, I gained more than 10kg since I had not exercised at all during the COVID-19 pandemic. I do not want to even mention how my fat percentage skyrocketed. I couldn’t wear any of my trousers I had, and it was a bad memory and waste of my money that I needed to replace all of my trousers.

My favorite sport is tennis, but during the severe situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, I could not play tennis at all. When the situation get better, I played tennis for the first time in a long time. Then, I realized that my stamina and athletic ability had dropped significantly. Normally, I play tennis for a few hours without any problem, but I felt breathless and pain just after moving for 10 minutes, and it was the first time that I wanted to quit playing tennis in my whole tennis life.

Of course, foods you intake and consume is the most important to reduce your weight and body fat percentage, but it was Tabata Protocol I fully took into improving stamina and physical ability.

What Is Tabata Protocol?

Tabata Protocol is a training method developed by Professor Izumi Tabata of Ritsumeikan University’s School of Sports and Health Sciences. If you think of scientific training, you may imagine a complicated training, but it is a very simple training. It only requires you to repeat 20 seconds of high intensity exercise and 10 seconds of rest as one rep and continue it for 8 reps = 4 minutes.

A study by Professor Tabata proved that Tabata Protocol dramatically improves cardiopulmonary capacity. In addition, it has been proven that the majority of people can train both “aerobic energy” that can be trained by jogging and aerobics and “anaerobic energy” that can be trained by exercise such as medium-distance running at the same time and to the maximum in a short time.

The results of the experiment have also shown that the 4-minute Tabata Protocol has gained the same endurance as an hour of endurance training.

The training itself is very expensive, but it is an exercise that can explode physical ability by working hard for only 4 minutes. This is a great training for those who have difficulty finding time to exercise!

How to Do Tabata Protocol

As I mentioned earlier, Tabata Protocol requires “high intensity exercise”, but there is no specific movement associated with Tabata Protocol, meaning you can choose your favorite exercise! For example, dashes and exercise bikes are great choices, and actually, you can choose any movement as long as the exercise exhaust you. In my case, I use the exercise bike for 20 seconds and repeat the break for 10 seconds.

In order to prevent injury, Professor Tabata encourage people to do warm up and cool down stretches before and after training. In addition, since blood pressure increases during exercise, people with high blood pressure or abnormalities in joints should consult a doctor in advance before training.

Tabata Protocol is a very intense training, so it is enough to do one set in a day. It is desirable to do it more than 3 times a week, but it is effective enough if you do it at least twice a week.

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