How to Play Tennis Reasonably in New York City?


In spring, the temperature has gradually increased, and the tennis season has finally come!

This article would be local tennis information, but even if you are not living in New York City, I hope you enjoy the article.


In the U.S., tennis courts are open for free almost everywhere, but things are different in New York City. A regular private tennis court rental fee easily exceeds $100 per an hour at the peak time. I want to play tennis at least once a week, so if I pay such a fee, I will be running out of money soon.

Are you disappointed that you would have to pay such a high amount of money to play tennis in New York City? Actually, there are two ways to play tennis at much more reasonable price! I think that there are some people who are worried that the quality of the coat is bad when they hear that the court fee is low, but the quality of the coat is pretty decent. Indeed, they are ones of the highest quality tennis courts!

This is because the first plan is offered by a famous tennis court facility. Perhaps, even if you’ve never played tennis, you’ve probably heard the term, Grand Slam. The Grand Slam begins at the Australian Open and consists of four major tournaments: Wimbledon on grass courts, the French Open on red clay tennis courts, and the U.S. Open in New York, USA. Speaking of the U.S. Open, Naomi Osaka has won twice, and Kei Nishikori has been to the final once as you may remember.

The courts where the U.S. Open is held is open to the general public, and it can be used at reasonable prices compared to a regular private court in the city!

National Tennis Center

The name of the court where the U.S. Open is being held is precisely Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (NTC).

Billie Jean King is an American female tennis player who has reigned in women’s tennis for a long time in the past. She is a legend of tennis who has won a total of 12 grand slams in singles, 16 times in doubles, and 11 times in the mixed doubles.

The court rental fee at NTC is $36 per hour (as of 2021) regardless of the time of day which is at a fairly affordable price compared to other private courts.

The main and sub-main courts, the Arthur Ashe Stadium and Louis Armstrong Stadium, are not open to the public, but other courts are available.

NTC has a full range of indoor coats as well as outdoor courts. The price is higher than the outdoor court, but it is relatively cheaper than a general private court, so players who prefer indoor tennis is also happy!

NTC Tennis Court Reservation Page

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New York City Tennis Permit

New York City offers public tennis courts with New York City Tennis Permit.

Public tennis courts in New York City are membership-based and require annual season registration in order to use the courts. The annual season registration fee is $100 for those 18 years and older, $20 for those over 62, and $10 for those under 18.

The facility is open from April through November, and during the season, public tennis courts in New York City are free for walk-ins and $15 per hour if you make a reservation in advance. Walk-ins are free, but of course, if the court has already been taken, it is not available, so it is strongly recommended to reserve a court in advance.

If you are worried about the quality of the coat, it will be okay because the quality of the coat is fantastic! As for the image used in this article, I use the photograph taken at the Sutton East court facility which is one of NYC’s public tennis courts. Yes! You can use a red clay court! Unfortunately, clay courts are only available at Sutton East, but the other courts are well maintained hard courts.

Well, New York City Tennis Permit is available on the NYC Parks website below.

NYC Parks

403 Forbidden

About 1 or 2 weeks after you apply for the permit, you will receive a card and can use the court with that card.

It’s good news for those who can’t wait for a week or two and want to play tennis tomorrow! A sports shop called Paragon Sports is acting on behalf of NYC Tennis Permit, and if you make a reservation online in advance, you can get the NYC tennis permit next day at earliest.

Paragon Sports


This time, I explained how to use the tennis courts in New York City.

Tennis, a sport without physical contact, seems to be becoming more popular during COVID-19 pandemic situation, so if you have not played tennis yet, why not take this time to start?